Welcome to a’Plaisance, Ltd.

a’Plaisance, Ltd. is a full service, Chivalric Equitation training facility and Event Production company specializing in memorable historic equestrian events and is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just north of Austin, Texas.  Our facility is the home of Chivalric Equitation in the USA and is made up of friendly people who all share the love, camaraderie and esprit de corp of historic jousting tournaments. 

Learn to Joust

Whether at our facility in the beautiful Texas Hill Country or at our clinics around the USA, join us to learn everything you will need to know to succeed in this historical martial art.

  • Learn to handle various weapons on horseback
  • Experience riding in armour
  • Master striking your target
  • Train for the tournament

Event Production

Would you like to see Competitive Jousting live?  Would you like to host an event or sponsor a clinic of your own?  We offer many opportunities to experience Chivalric Equitation.

  • See Competitive Jousting live
  • Host your own event
  • Sponsor a clinic
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Corporate events
  • School demonstrations

Horse Training

Do you have a horse that you’d like trained for Chivalric Equitation?  a’Plaisance Academy will teach them the fundamentals of carrying an armoured rider, how to maneuver the Skill at Arms course and how to help their rider compete in a melee.

  • Accept the weapons of Chivalric Equitation
  • How to carry an armoured rider
  • Be relaxed amongst the sights and sounds of a tournament

Cedar Park Public Library Photo

a’Plaisance has been a key partner for Fable Fest since the beginning of the event. They have added tremendous entertainment and educational value to each Fable Fest with spectacular jousting displays. Their knights embody chivalry and honor in both jousting matches and chatting with attendees. They have also been thoughtful, professional and dependable colleagues who we can count on to bring a high level of quality, share creative ideas, and be easy to work with.

– Julia Mitschke, Director, Cedar Park Library

Andrew McKinnon Jousting with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


Steve was of invaluable assistance in rendering advice on the technical presentation of large scale events which I run in Australia.  Steve’s insights were right on the money and helped deliver a spectacularly successful show eagerly devoured by 20,000 very satisfied attendees.

– Andrew McKinnon, Executive Director, The Tournament of St. Ives, Australia

Raven Eastwood Jousting at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve is a talented and knowledgeable jousting instructor. His lessons are coherent and he never fails to ensure his students understand the concept being taught. His passion for the chivalric and equestrian arts is made transparent by the joy in which he teaches them.

– Raven Eastwood

Melissa Midzor Skill at Arms Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


After seeing just one production of Lysts on the Lake, I was so inspired that I found a new horse, historical armor and trained for several years until I achieved my goal of jousting at Lysts. Steve Hemphill was pivotal to that journey, providing advice and key training as I progressed along this path. On the occasions I can’t ride, I join the ground crew which is as much fun as jousting. Nowhere else have I enjoyed such camaraderie, joy of spirit and smooth organization and operation of a such a complicated sport. I can’t wait until the next one!

– Melissa Midzor

Sarah Hay Jousting


Lysts on the Lake is a very special event for me.  The team that Steve has curated to support the tournament is fantastic in every aspect.  Lysts is probably the friendliest event I have ever enjoyed participating in.  Good sportsmanship is important at Lysts and that is something I really value.  A chance to ride at this awesome event is one not to be missed.

– Sarah Hay

Kim Nader


I was the lead in planning a medieval history day for the Midway University’s horse club.  Working with Steve and a’Plaisance Ltd. to make this event happen was the best decision we could have made.  Steve and his team are incredibly knowledgeable, organized, and thorough.  Communication was prompt and effective, which made dealing with university procedures a breeze.  We were able to work with Steve to create an event that was both educational and entertaining; that both the college and local communities enjoyed.  Steve was professional and polite making sure any and all questions and requests were heard.  I would not hesitate for a second to work with he and a’Plaisance Ltd. again to produce a quality event.

– Victoria Nader

David Parrish-Whittaker Jousting at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve Hemphill is the man who inspired me to get into jousting – more than simply a good jouster, he is an ambassador for the sport with his cheerful enthusiasm and contagious “You can do this, too!” attitude.  All of which carries over into his teaching style: supportive, encouraging and insightful.  Short version, learning to joust from Steve was every bit as exciting and fun as I’d hoped. He truly is an enabler of dreams.

– David Parish-Whittaker

Galen Bevel Jousting at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

The first time I ever attended  Lysts on the Lake, I did not ride but I had been involved in medieval recreation for many years.  I was immediately captured by the atmosphere and the pageantry and I was hooked.  With Steve’s help and training, by the next year, I was completely into a horse owning lifestyle and returned to Lysts as a competitor. Since then I have attended many a’Plaisance events and it has rekindled my interest in medieval history and allowed me to travel all across the country and even oversea in a way I never would have otherwise.  Thanks for the opportunity to be involved!

– Galen Bevel

Jim Myers Jousting at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


Steve is a remarkable teacher, trainer, competitor and friend.  His skill and knowledge are exceeded only by his boundless energy and indomitable spirit.  His dedication and kind assistance were instrumental in my success in Jousting.  It has been my great honor to learn, ride and compete with him.

– Jim Myers

Whitney Schneider and her goat

Warm, welcoming, humorous and knowledgeable, my time spent in Steve’s company is never dull.
From his exacting perfectionism, to his easy candor in explaining the how or why of a joust gone wrong, Steve is an incredible teacher and horseman.

– Whitney Schneider

Doe flynn at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve Hemphill is a wonderfully knowledgeable jousting instructor!  He came out to our clinic in Oregon to teach the fundamentals of jousting.  Everyone loved it so much we asked him back to do one for us in Washington!  We have plans for more clinics in the future and plan to have him back.

– Doe Flynn

Robin Daniel at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering at Lysts on The Lake as a Mounted Squire for the past 8 years.  On the field during the joust and other activities it is my job to “run lances” as well as oversee the safety of everyone on the field and assisting where needed.   Over the years, I’ve seen many displays of true chivalry between competitors and volunteers. This event is a highlight of my year.  It is run with great professionalism and a village feel that is refreshing and a joy to work and attend.  .

– Robin Daniel

Scianna Augustine with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


Lysts on the Lake is a fabulous experience, learning from and working with experienced equestrians from around the world.

– Scianna Augustine

Lesley Wilson at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.


Lysts on the Lake … the grounds are a magical place which draw and hold me in a dream of when jousting was the sport of the day and all the hard work I put into my horse and his armor finally paid off.   Even only watching the mounted combat, you get the swirl of color and excitement and anticipation.. so much in one!  Pictures are memorable, but you truly have to surround yourself with it for the best time of your life.

– Lesley Wilson, Sponsor, Darkwood Armory

Casey Smith with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve taught me how to do something new besides just the mounted games.  I’ll probably never have the armor to joust but it was a fun, albeit exhausting, learning experience.

– Casey Smith

Elizabeth Baker at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Every year I look forward to being a part of Lysts on the Lake. The event is always wonderfully run and the competitors are amazing. Steve is always willing to lend advise and makes the event a welcoming experience.

– Elizabeth Baker

Helena Taft with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve helped train me and my little war mule, Frida, for jousting through the reenactment group I’m part of called The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.  We had done a trial run with a friend just before a great event in Mississippi called Gulf Wars.  Thanks to Steve’s 2 day clinic, we were able to fulfill a life long dream!

– Helena Taft

Diane Karp with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Steve is patient, kind, clear, encouraging and has a wicked sense of humor.   I look forward to more opportunities to learn from him.

– Dianne Karp

Caroline LeBrie with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Although I have not had the chance to participate in Lysts on the Lake, we (Arion Productions) hosted Steve at the Tournament at Bicolline in 2014 and it was a charm having him around.  I had the opportunity to lend him my Canadian stallion, Skippy, and he was a truly respectful and talented rider/jouster.

Caroline LaBrie, Arion Productions

Kristi Kam with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

Lysts on the Lake welcomes all types of people and equestrians to enjoy a sport that takes a village to support.  With that Lysts village you get a colorful mix of experiences for an array of people to enjoy.  No matter what anyone’s background is, the event is what brings us all together.  You can be a fly on the wall people watcher or an entertainer. It is a shining example of how people coming together with different backgrounds can paint a wonderful picture.  Oh if only everyday could be Lysts!

Kristi Kam

Linda Young at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

A few of the best times that I had were at Lysts on the Lake 2011. The wonderful camaraderie felt by all was a true time of friendship and respect.  Steve put together the best VIP dinner for Saturday night and it was truly a night to remember.  I will never forget that year at Lysts.  Jousting on my beautiful Belgian, Rock, was definitely one off my bucket list.

Linda Young

Allan Winkel at Lysts on the Lake with a'Plaisance, Ltd.

I have participated in two Lysts on the Lake tournaments. I met great competitors and made new long lasting friendships at the tournament. Very well run and competitive for three straight days. One of the best I had the pleasure participating in. I look forward competing each year and prepare accordingly.

Allan Winkel