Our Vision

a’Plaisance Academy is a small, quiet, training facility located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just north of Austin, Texas where all the horses are treated with the utmost care and respect.  Our Chivalric Equitation program is designed to create the best possible beginning for your horse on their journey to becoming a quiet and responsive competitive Chivalric Equitation partner.


With a foundation in natural horsemanship and building further with English disciplines, our program starts with groundwork to gain trust and respect and then challenging the horse gymnastically and mentally, setting safe boundaries and prioritizing their individual needs to bring out their very best in the joust and Skill at Arms course.


Steve will teach your horse to understand all the sights and sounds they’ll encounter in a Chivalric Equitation tournament.  He’ll teach them how to work with weapons (i.e. lance, sword, tournament baton, etc.), how to accept an armoured rider and how to navigate the protocols of the jousting field (i.e. the tilt) and Skill at Arms course.  Along the way, they will improve on their ability to bend, round, supple and engage.

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