Tinkerbell, “Tink”

“Tinkerbell” is a 17 year old Friesian/Percheron cross and at 17.1 hands high, she has a heart to match.

Steve wasn’t looking for another jousting horse when he came across her in 2011 at a medieval reenactment event. But, after seeing that his jousting saddle and trailer would fit her, he fell in love with her. Although she hadn’t competed in jousting before, she took Steve to victory in her first jousting tournament, “Lysts on the Lake 2011”, one month later.

When she’s not flying around the tilt yard, Tinkerbell has found a niche in Dressage, Eventing and Foxhunting too…although she doesn’t understand why you have to jump over an obstacle when it is quite easy to simply bulldoze through it! 

Quite surprisingly, a few years after she found Steve, he discovered that she had been featured as a rescue in an episode of “Animal Cops: Houston”, a show about the Houston, Texas SPCA on The Animal Planet Network. Since seeing that episode, Steve has an even deeper affection for Tink.